When creating a "New tender space", if we want to enable the method of submitting tenders with Digital Envelope for tender procedures that require tenders to be filled in , it is necessary to enable the option marked in the image in the section " supports electronic submission of tenders ” of the basic data of the file.

Note : for procedures that do not require an envelope for offers (such as minors, negotiated without advertising, derived from a framework agreement or abbreviated simplified open) you can make use of the Telematic Presentation functionality (second option in the image), through which bidders can submit the signed bid following the steps in the bid submission guide. The offers submitted by files with this functionality will be accessible from the "Management of bidders" - "Offers received" section of the PSCP management tool.

Please note the requirements for posting the first tender using these submission methods.

Once the basic data is saved with the Digital Envelope submission option, in the Tender Announcement phase, a button to manage the tender will be displayed, from which you can access to configure the Envelopes.

Through this section you can configure the following:

  • configuration of envelopes and documentation that must be included in the offer :

Through this section, being able to define a single envelope, or several if there must be criteria subject to value judgment or objectively assessable criteria.

We can include envelopes in each batch through the "Add new envelope" button

Each envelope includes the documentation required from the bidder with the possibility of adding document templates. Each of the defined envelopes must contain at least one mandatory document:

The envelopes different from the administrative documentation (Envelope A) allow the bidder to add other documentation apart from the required one (recommended option) as well as the bidder to report confidential content in the offer. For Envelope A or Single Envelope there is no "check" to mark the "other documentation" option. You can, however, allow the presentation of other documentation, by creating a new document with the name "other documentation" and marking it as non-mandatory.

The envelope you check with the option below will be the last envelope defined.

For the configuration of envelopes with batches, it is possible to define different envelopes for each batch. Once the first batch of envelopes has been configured, you can switch batches via the drop-down to continue configuring the following batches, or use the batch copy functionality:

For Envelope A or Single Envelope they do not have the "check" to mark this option, you can allow the presentation of other documentation from the other documentation tab, by creating a new document with the name "other documentation" and mark it as optional.

For batch single envelope setup that is not available in Digital Envelope, see more detail in this section: Digital Envelope: Batch Single Envelope Setup

  • configuration of months and custodians:

Through this section you can optionally define the people who will be part of the table. These will receive an email informing them that they are part of the table with the corresponding link to the file in the opening tool. Mandatory , the custodians must be defined, a minimum of two people who will be in charge of accessing the proposal opening application, starting within 24 hours of the bid submission deadline, to ask the companies that enter the keywords to give access to the envelopes (only one of the custodians needs to do it), as well as, apply credentials (both custodians access the proposal opening tool, to click on the "Apply" tab credentials" on the day defined by the opening of applications in the defined time interval, which by default will be half an hour before and half an hour after the opening time). Both the board members (if indicated) and the custodians may or may not be users of PSCP in the contracting body.

  • configuration of opening dates :

In this section of the envelope configuration, the opening dates of each of the defined envelopes are indicated. You have the option of marking a specific day and time or indicating the opening of Envelope A from the date and time of the end of submission of offers + 24 hours (it will not be possible before). On the other envelopes you can indicate date and time or opening from the previous envelope. In the latter case, the envelopes can be opened as long as the previous one has been opened.

The opening of the envelopes must be in cascade, that is to say, the tool will not allow you to define an opening date for a later envelope, earlier than that of the preceding envelope (eg: envelope B cannot be opened before the one about A, or the C before the B).

These dates can always be modified through this configuration screen, with the validator profile (with access via digital certificate) and the amendment is made automatically in the Contractor Profile. NOTE : If you check the public event indicator in the opening date setting for non-administrative envelopes (not envelope A), the defined date and time will be published in the contractor profile, only in the case that it has been indicated a specific date and time (it will not appear if the opening is marked from the previous envelope).

You can consult this information in the electronic tender management manual , specifically in point 8.5.1. CONFIGURATION OF OFFERS THROUGH DIGITAL ENVELOPE.

Tender management video in Sobre Digital