The Digital Envelope tool implemented by the AOC Consortium in the local world and universities does not have an integrated functionality to make broadcasts via streaming that allows the celebration of the opening acts of the envelopes containing the offers presented in the public tenders in the form of virtual or online.

Also, the members of the messas or custodians in the tenders configured in the specific file, can follow them by accessing Sobre Digital, on the date and time set.

Once the custodians have applied their credentials and the envelopes have been opened, both they and the defined table members can access the documentation.

In this way, the members of the mesas can also complement the opening and access to the documentation through the Sobre Digital tool with the telematic monitoring of the meetings through their own collaborative tools that allow them to carry out act virtually.

In the event that the opening ceremony must be public, you can use the collaborative tools that allow you to show the progress of the opening by sharing the image of the computer screen and monitor the telematics act by the companies.

In order to inform companies of the link of the event generated by the tool that is used for "streaming", you can share it, by means of a notice on the notice board of the virtual space of the specific tender in PSCP.

In this sense, remember that when a notice is included in the notice board, the tool sends an email to all the people subscribed to the tender news notifying them that new information has been published. Those who have activated an offer using the Sobre Digital tool are automatically subscribed to the tender.