The bidder must define a keyword for each encrypted envelope submitted via Digital Envelope (Envelope A does not require this definition). This keyword is requested in order to gain access to the opening of the submitted documentation.

To request them, the contracting body (one of the custodians defined in the tender configuration) must take the action of requesting it through the Digital Envelope opening tool. This action sends an email to the bidders who have submitted bids and allows them a space to enter the requested word or keywords (these do not reach the contracting authority as the tool only checks that the cryptographic summary of the one entered matches with the one indicated at the time of presentation).

From the deadline for submission of tenders plus 24 hours and up to the defined opening time, all keywords can be requested for all envelopes in a single action, or only for one of the envelopes from the 'opening space of a specific envelope (once the envelope has been accessed with the magnifying glass tool).

Please note that if the keyword is requested from the opening space of a particular envelope, (once the envelope has been accessed with the magnifying glass tool) the keyword will be requested only for that envelope and the action will have to be repeated for the rest in case they exist.

It is important to request the keywords well in advance to ensure that they are entered at the right time (necessarily for the opening of that envelope) and to be able to handle any difficulties associated with this process in the event that they occur. .

If the company states that it does not have the keyword, it cannot be recovered because the Digital Envelope tool does not have it at any time. For this reason, it is necessary to introduce them by the companies, before closing and then sending the offer. If the bidding companies do not enter them, it will not be possible to decrypt the documents or, therefore, access their content, which will prevent their assessment.

The tool provides, as a measure to help companies to properly guard their keys, that in the bid submission phase they must export the keywords. In case of loss or forgetfulness, then, they should try to locate this file on the computer from which they made the presentation. The file is of plain text type (.TXT) and the name consists of a number and the file code (for example “1527823122813LIC-2018-09.txt”) in many cases can be found in the downloads folder.

If the company does not remember the keyword and is still in the bidding phase (within the deadline), the "Delete" button can be used. This will remove all uploaded documentation and allow you to define a new keyword.

If the company is closing the bid and can't remember the keyword , you can return to the bid preparation and remove all keywords from all envelopes. Remember that this action removes all uploaded documentation and then allows you to define a new keyword.