Only those people who have been defined as board members or custodians of the tender will have access to the tool for opening proposals for the file in question. There are also different access options to this tool that we define below:

  • Access using the PSCP Management Tool : From the PSCP Management Tool bidding ad itself, to the tab highlighted in the image, you have a button that redirects to the opening tool. You will only be able to access it, in case you are defined as a member of the board or custodian of the tender.

  • Access by email as a member of the board or custodian : at the time of the announcement of the announcement, or of an amendment related to the members of the board or custodian in the tender settings, persons defined as such will receive an email at the address provided on the PSCP. This same email incorporates a link to the tool for opening the offers related to that file. Note : You do not need to be a PSCP user or go through EACAT to access this option.
  • Access file to all files : There is a unique access URL to all files configured with the Digital Envelope submission method for which you have been defined as a related user (board member or custodian). Once you have accessed this URL, you will need to search for the file you want to access from those that are available. Note : You do not need to be a PSCP user or go through EACAT to access this option.
  • The method of access to the tool from any of the three options indicated, is done by identifying with digital certificate of advanced signature, or higher, recognized by the validator of the AOC Consortium, or with the same user and password defined by the EACAT in case of being registered in this one. Technical requirements to consider : it is important that access to this tool is done from a new browser window to prevent caching, for example from other users in cases where the opening process is performed from a single computer, for the access of all the custodians (in this case it is additionally recommended to use the "exit" button of the application before the access of the next user. these instructions, suffer access problems we recommend you, follow the steps below:
    • Close all browser windows.
    • Open an incognito window of the same.
    • Paste the URL to access the files in the new window:
    • If an unwanted screen of the Digital Envelope tool appears in the access, click on the user's "Disconnect" button before following the previous steps.