Today, the Digital Envelope tool does not have a specific functionality for submitting offers anonymously.

However, we move below a recommendation of the Administrative Procurement Advisory Board, to comply with Article 187.1 of Law 9/2017 of November 8, on public sector contracts, through the possibilities of limited access configuration in the envelope opening space provided by the tool:

  • Set up the project competition dossier to submit proposals with the Digital Envelope tool, bearing in mind that members of the jury will not be able to access the envelope opening space. Procurement unit staff should access the envelope opening space, download the documentation and send it to the jury members via email or some other similar means, considering changing the file name. if they contain information about the bidding company, to maintain the anonymity of the bids. Thus, the electronic submission of bids could be complied with with the Digital Envelope tool and the anonymity of the projects with respect to the members of the jury could be maintained.

Following this JCCA recommendation, this issue should be included in the specifications, both in terms of maintaining anonymity in the proposals (no names, no data, no logos or any kind of identifier) or to the access of the opening tool by the contracting unit, specifying that the members of the jury will not access the project proposals through the Digital Envelope tool.