The bidding companies that make use of Digital Envelope for the presentation of contracting offers to the local bodies and the universities, have as reference of support to the contracting body responsible for the tender to which they present, without prejudice that from the You can also send us any technical incidents that may come to you and which cannot be resolved with the published support material , so that our Customer Service Center (CAU) can carry out the corresponding treatment and send you the answer.

This agreement is adopted because it is considered to be the best way to provide real and effective support to the companies concerned, because this is the only way to ensure compliance with the criteria established by each contracting authority and to prevent technology or a service. customer service act as the decision-making body and the assumption of functions that are not assigned.

In accordance with the experiences that you have transferred to us from the contracting bodies since the launch of the service, we have been able to detect that the measures or decisions taken by each contracting authority in the face of situations that arise with the use of the technological tool by companies, may be different in the interpretation of each body of procurement regulations.

It should also be noted that the philosophy that has been applied in the design of the tool is to adapt the paper procedure to the telematics, without adding more limitations in terms of presentation than those given in the process. traditional (paper), so that it is the contracting body that takes the measures it deems appropriate in each case. An example of this is the fact that the tool allows bids to be submitted out of time or without containing all the required documentation, alerting both companies and the contracting body to these facts.

For this reason, we consider that certain answers provided by our CAU in relation to the possibilities that the tool allows in each case, must be assessed in advance by the contracting body, in order to transfer to the bidder the option that is legally adapt in the most appropriate way to the procedure.

The support model adopted also makes it possible to debug the technical incidents in other cases where another type of tender assistance is needed, which also depends on the body.