The electronic bidding tools integrated with the Public Procurement Services Platform, which the AOC Consortium implements in the local world and in universities, are designed for the sending and receiving of electronic tenders, but do not constitute a repository of the documentation that the make up , which must be downloaded and stored by the contracting authorities, to their file managers.

In this sense, the deletion of the documentation that makes up the offers is carried out by the Department of Economy that manages them, automatically and periodically, once two months have elapsed since the completion of the contract. That is, those who have published for at least two months:

  • Formalization.
  • Award with the mark "Finish the file" in the basic data.
  • Award as void.

Thus, all the documents that make up the offers, the documents sent in the documentation requirements and the files generated by the tool (such as summaries and receipts) are deleted from these files in PSCP.

Bidding records are kept in databases, bidding audit tool records, and required document templates.