Local bodies and universities registered in the Public Procurement Services Platform (PSCP) can make use of the functionalities available in it to receive tenders by electronic means . In order to guarantee the correct operation of the same, the points below must be taken into account:

  • Have information in the contractor profile: it is a technical requirement for companies to be able to consolidate the registration of the proposals that the administrator of the contracting body has informed the data of your body (specifically the postal mail) in the tab " Contractor Profile” as defined in point 7 of the Administrator's Manual . NOTE : On this same screen appears the field to define the time interval defined for opening Digital Envelopes. By default, the tool allows custodians access to open envelopes, from 30 minutes before to 30 minutes after envelope opening time. Through this section you can modify the default configuration. Important not to leave this field at zero because the credentials could not be applied or the envelopes opened.

  • The editor/validator user who needs to see the entry of proposal records, must have PSCP access permissions to the proposals received in the management tool. This permission is enabled by the organ administrator as indicated in this FAQ .

  • Enable and configure the submission option corresponding to the file in the PSCP management tool (in the case of the functionality without bid envelopes, you only need to enable the Electronic Submission of Bids option) as indicated in point 8.5.1 of the editor/validator manual .

NOTE : all users of the Public Procurement Services Platform at the local or university level have activated the electronic bidding functionality that includes the PSCP . This activation involves the configuration of the telematic register in the EACAT auxiliary register , both for the entry of offers and for the exit of notifications/communications made from the Platform. For the latter case, you must be registered with the e-NOTUM service.