Sobre Digital allows you to set up different documentation on the envelopes of the different lots of the tender if the file has exploited lots, however some casuistics can be given that until now are not available. We provide below the possible alternative for these cases recommended by the detected case:

Set up a single envelope with multiple batches

Batch single envelope functionality is currently unavailable. If you need to make this configuration, you have the following options:

Option 1 : set up the file with electronic submission of offers that allows the configuration of several lots.

Option 2 (this option can only be taken into account if no phase has been initiated in the file; if it has any phase initiated or documents uploaded, it is necessary to delete everything so that the file remains in "Basic data) : in the event that the Telematic Submission cannot be used because it is deemed necessary for the file offers to be encrypted in the system, there is a temporary option to ask the technicians for the old envelope configuration version in the tool of PSCP management for that file (you must notify us of the request through a support request).

Once this is enabled you must follow the instructions below:

    • Configure the opening of the single envelope with a specific date (without indicating 24h after the end of the deadline for submitting offers)
    • Set up a single document as a template for different batches
    • Notify the bidding companies that they must indicate in the name of the file which lot corresponds to the documentation they present. This information should be included in the tender.

NOTE: With this configuration it is not possible to open each batch separately, all batches must be opened at the same time.

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