The Sobre Digital tool does not limit the submission of offers without them containing all the documentation marked as mandatory by your contracting authority.

In other words, bidders can close and subsequently send the offer without attaching all the required documents. In this case, the tool will warn them with the literal below at the time of closing.

Likewise, from the 24 hours prior to the submission deadline, the tenderer will have the possibility to present the offer in two phases , so that he can select the document to present the digital fingerprint and have 24 hours from the moment of presentation, to send the file definitively. The tool notifies them of this fact at the time of closing the offer.

In the event that in any of the two cases raised, the offer ends up being registered with your contracting body without containing the documentation, the opening tool will show the literal "Not submitted" in the file that has not been uploaded by the bidder in Sobre Digital.